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"fox & friends" begins right now. >> ♪ born in the u.s.a. i was born in the u.s.a. i was born in the u.s.a. born in the u.s.a. ♪ >> great place to be born, isn't it? right here in the u.s.a. >> a little fist pump for bruce springsteen, born in the u.s.a. happy fourth of july. one of the best days of the year, isn't it? > >> lots to be thankful f this morning, right? >> always thankful for patriotic music. roll it all day during the fireworks, during breakfast all day long. >> send us your fireworks pictures. many of you have had fireworks displays. what's your plans today? friends at send us your photos and we'll try to pick them up during your
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weather forecast. we'll try to show those all morning long. it is beautiful. went to grab coffee at 4:00 a.m., a man out there raising the american flag at 4:00 a.m. early this morning. welcome into "fox & friends" this morning. that's dave briggs, ainsley earhardt, i'm clayton morris in for steve, brian and gretchen this morning. >> we have an action-packed show. at 8:30, we'll be bringing you this casey anthony trial live this morning. the jury in the case anthony could begin deliberations as early as today. the state tried to paint the picture of a young woman who chose her freedom over her child. >> as hard as it is to accept, when casey anthony was at blockbuster on june 16th walking arm and arm with her boyfriend, tony, caylee was in the trunk of
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her car in the early stages of decomposition. >> dramatic closing yesterday. we turn now to former prosecutor kendall coffey. good morning to you, sir. >> good morning. >> we were sitting, the three of us, watching that close yesterday. and look, as a parent, i couldn't turn away from this. i thought he did an excellent job of laying out the entire story. a story we really hadn't heard before. what did you think? did he get the job done as far as the prosecutor ashton goes? >> he did a very effective job. it was a textbook performance in terms of putting the pieces together in a circumstantial case. everything from 31 days of partying and lying by casey anthony to the forensic evidence that placed the body in the trunk of cay's car and the duct tape on the mouth of little caylee anthony. and at the same time, he bolstered up the theory of motive which was always the biggest puzzle in this case and said that casey anthony had to silence the child who was getting to be of talking age and
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would be exposing the double lies that -- the difficult, bizarre life that casey anthony was living. very compelling prosecution closing. clearly enough to win unless the defense effectively countered it. >> i agree with dave, kendall, this narrative we saw play out yesterday was interesting but i'm curious, you bought up an interesting point about motive. that's something we didn't hear too much about during the run-up to this and all the testimony. why did we have to wait for the closing arguments to hear that? >> well, the prosecution doesn't have to prove a specific motive and the prosecution waited for all the evidence to be in to put together in a way that captured it and because there's finally a credible theory of motive, the prosecution has all the pieces in place. does the defense, then, have enough including -- does it have an explanation for how caylee anthony was killed unless it was at the hands of her mother, casey? >> when i'm watching this, i was glued to it all day
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yesterday as most of our audience was i'm sure. even though you could say as her -- as the defense said, she could be a bad mother. she could have gone out and partied and done the things that most mothers losing a child would not do. but it doesn't prove guilt. so if the jury -- if there's one person that's not sure if she's guilty, then she's off. so i mean, that's all it takes is one person. how do we know? do you feel like there's enough evidence of guilt here? >> i think it's going to be a very close call on first degree murder. but here's what the defense did effectively yesterday, not putting george anthony on trial. i don't know why they keep trying to make him the scapegoated, they did a traditional defense job emphasizing reasonable doubt, the prosecution's burden and attacking the forensic evidence, raising all the questions they can hoping the questions about details will add up to a giant question mark about reasonable
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doubt so the defense is very much in this game. it will be a very close call in terms of where the jury ends up on murder one. >> it's interesting when we saw the fireworks between the two attorneys. i want you to talk about but the one thing that the defense is hanging on to right now is they're trying to frame george anthony as a guilty man and as a liar. here's what jose baez, the defense attorney had to say when he went after george anthony and we'll get your reaction. >> there's one thing you can see in george anthony, and that is that this man doesn't have an ounce of paternal instinct in him. not an ounce! where he got up here on numerous occasion and almost with a bit of joy testified against his very own daughter. i don't know a father in the world who wouldn't fall on the sword for his child. >> he had ample opportunity to go after george anthony on the stand. did that do enough for their
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defense yesterday to grill the father of casey anthony? >> well, i'm not sure if that didn't backfire. it's a big chance the defense is taking to go after the father of the defendant. when have you ever seen that in in any trial in this country? and yet, baez diecided that he had to raise questions about george anthony so the jurors would go back to the deliberation room to say too many questions in this case to be certain enough to convict on first degree murder. somehow the duct tape got on caylee's mouth. baez is trying to plant the seed that maybe george anthony did it for some bizarre reason, who knows? but again, it isn't the defense burden to prove anything and if the jury has these free floating question marks, some anxieties about the burden of proof, that could be enough to get either not guilty or as was pointed out a couple of moments ago, a couple of hold up jurors who said i'm not going to convict casey anthony of first degree murder. there's not enough evidence to convince me beyond a reasonable doubt. >> great to see you this morning.
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thanks so much. happy fourth of july to you and to your viewers this morning, we want to let you know that at 8:30 eastern time, continuing coverage of the casey anthony trial as the rebuttal begins for the prosecution. we'll bring it to you live. >> if you felt that it was a little slow moving yesterday, tune in today because i think you'll see some fireworks. this is the day when i think that the prosecution will really get after the defense. so stick around for that. >> the rebuttal, have the information and the jury leaves to go deliberate. big day. all right, now for the rest of the headlines. start with the fox news alert this morning. the u.s. coast guard confirming this morning that one person has died after a fishing boat capsized off the coast of mexico's baja, california. 44 were on board including more than two dozen americans. the coast guard says it's helping the mexican navy search for those six people that are still missing. and overnight, two people including a police officer died from injuries in a shooting at a memphis hotel. officer timothy warren was responding to shots fired during
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an apparent domestic dispute at a doubletree hotel. officers say a second person involved in that dispute also died and they have a suspect in custody this morning. there are reports that suspect went to the hotel with a gun looking for either his wife or his ex-wife. deadly thunderstorms ripped through washington, d.c. killing at least one person. rain and high winds toppled trees, knocked out power to over 40,000 homes and businesses in that area. and even visitors at the national mall had to be evacuated. after the storm settled on an "american idol" winner kicked off the capital fourth concert dress rehearsal in washington, d.c. >> ♪ o say can you see by the dawn's early light what so proudly ♪ >> jordan sparks, josh grobin and little richard are some of the singers who performed from the west lawn of the capitol
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honoring our country. even comedian steve martin bought his banjo. >> when we found out we were going to play on the fourth of july here at the capitol, i wrote a song especially for the occasion. this song is written from the point of view of paul revere's horse. >> incredible. his show ending with a spectacular fireworks display across the potomac river. those are your headlines. >> thanks so much. let's talk a little politics this morning. vice president joe biden continuing his tour of the country meeting with big labor unions and trying this weekend to woo the teachers union in chicago, the national education association is holding their annual convention there and, of course, today or was it late last night they were up for their vote. i think it's today actually. they have their vote on who they're going to support in the upcoming presidential race so he was there drumming up support for the crowd again. take a listen. >> there is an organized effort to place the blame for the
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budget shortfall squarely on educators and other public workers. it is one of the biggest scams in modern american history. >> the new republican party has undertaken the most direct assault on labor, not just in my lifetime but without any hyperbole literally since the 1920's. this is not your father's republican party. this is a different breed of cat. >> if asking the unions to make tough concessions the biggest scam in american history, why is rahm emanuel, the former chief of staff to president obama and the mayor of chicago asking the union to make concessions in chicago or he's going to lay off 625 people? are republicans the only ones asking for this? or are they the only ones getting criticized for doing so? >> well, the nea during the last presidential election, they gave barack obama $50 million. >> $50 million, yeah. >> they have a lot of power
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here. >> they have a lot of power but they're not totally in the bag for them either. >> absolutely. they haven't. because he spent a lot on teachers. he's spending a lot of responsibility. you have the accountability act as well as education reform and many teachers are against it. >> bill clinton the other night in his speech was praising barack obama for the things that basically praising him for what he's been trying to do in education. it's not entirely made the national education association happy about it. so vice president biden there saying he agreed with everything he had heard from the other speakers. and, of course, you remember the other night he was in las vegas and basically making quite a bit of a political speech down there and saying, look, if you vote, if you vote republican, you're on your own. take a listen. >> don't any of you, by the way, any of you guys vote republican, i'm not supposed to -- this isn't political. i'm not supposed to say this. >> let me put it this way -- don't come to me if y do! you're on your own, jack!
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>> you want the 2012 debate framed? you got it. they are trying to consolidate all the union support and then look at the speech the president gave on wednesday trying to frame republicans as the party of the corporate jets. that's what they're trying to do ahead of 2012, will it work? i don't know. i think it's a long shot. >> it's funny. when he says that i'm not supposed to say this, everybody is like what is he going to say? >> who knows? >> right. >> coming up on the show, the president is confident most americans are on his ide hoping taxing the rich will solve our debt problems. will playing the class card really work? our washington insiders are up next. >> science says turn off your grill today. the gases could be killing mother earth. really? is someone using the holiday to push an agenda here? we'll report, you decide. >> hi, i'm stationed at norton base and i want to say a happy fourth of july to my wife christine and my kids. looking good! you lost some weight.
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the possibilities are endless. interesting...
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save up to 50% this tuesday and wednesday only. be smart. book smart. >> welcome back to "fox & friends" on this fourth of july. is president obama playing class w warfare? he said republicans refused to end on eliminating tax breaks to corporate jet owners.
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>> the principle of not raising taxes is something we campaigned on last november and the results of the election was the american people didn't want their taxes raised and they wanted us to cut spending. >> here to debate this, radio talk show host and former general services administration director for president bush and democratic strategist robert weiner, good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> happy fourth of july. loreta, let me start with you, is this class warfare? will it work? >> the president's comments have been dishonest and shameful and i'll give you two reasons why. president obama has been dishonest because he's talking about millionaires and billionaires but what he's really advocating is raising taxes on families that are earning about $250,000 a year. and it's also shameful because it's becoming more and more clear that the president doesn't really grasp the character of the american people. we're a nation of small business owners and entrepreneurs and dreamers and these are the very
6:17 am
people that for some reason he's chosen to demonize so yes, class warfare. >> i hear your chuckle, robert. let me give you a little example of what the president is saying not on wednesday but his radio address on saturday reaffirming some of these same points. listen. >> now, it would be nice if we could keep every tax break but we can't afford them because if we choose to keep those tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires or for hedge fund managers or corporate jet owners or for oil and gas companies pulling in huge profits without our help, we'll have to make even deeper cuts somewhere else. >> couple of problems there, millionaires and billionaires. we're talking about families that make $250,000 a year, not millionaires by any stretch of the imagination and to this corporate jet thing we're talking about $3 billion over 10 years. nothing. how does the strategy work? >> well, republicans aren't even willing to compromise and democrats are to make it just for millionaires and up. what's shameful, dave and loreta
6:18 am
and she should know better, she was the administrator of gfa is that ithe last 20 years, executive salaries, rich salaries have gone up 430%. this is in "the washington post" graph where as families have gone up 20%. so 20 times more money for executives. 20 times more money for the rich while this party of republicans does nothing but tax cuts, tax cuts, tax cuts for the rich. that's what's shameful and, you know, the republicans keep saying that the president has no plan. i wish they'd seen and they paid attention to the president's plan that he offered february 14th that jack liu had a news conference as omb director, president obama had a news conference, if they bothered to read it and look at the plan that's the balanced approach, not my way or the highway but a balanced approach or at least read just the executive summary or at least read the seven pages of the president's letter that talks about the trillion dollars in
6:19 am
savings from health care, from the military, from a freeze on federal spending. those are the plans that -- >> let me bring in loreta on the bush tax cuts. ama extended them. has it worked? >> the reason why things haven't worked yet is because at the very same time, the real problem here is spending. let's be clear on this. no president has ramped up spending like obama. when we talked about the debt ceiling that they're trying to raise and things of that nature, we have a president who in just a little less than three years in office has actually increased $3 trillion worth of debt for this country. this is an inordinate amount of spending. until you attack the spending and until you say we have spent enough, we have got to cut back, then there's no amount of taxing that will ever get this matter straight. >> well, it's interesting. this battle, they may end up with a short-term deal on this. thank you both.
6:20 am
happy fourth of july. >> thanks a lot. >> coming up, they make the ultimate sacrifice for our country but veterans can't say god without government approval. and support for our troops stretching farther than ever. ever before to the bottom of the sea. that story is coming up. k9 advantix ii. not only kills fleas and tick it repels most ticks before they can attach and snk on us. frontline plus kills but doesn't repel. any tick that isn't repelled or killed may attach and make a meal of us. [ male announcer ] ask your veterinarian about k9 advantix ii.
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>> 6:23. a few quick headlines now. could this be the ticket in 2012? speculation is rising that president obama may dump vice president biden in favor of new york governor andrew cuomo in 2012. political experts say cuomo could be a strong asset as one of the only democrats to take on unions and high taxes. and how do you celebrate when you're the new king of the
6:24 am
tennis world? how about munching on some grass? that is what he did after beating rafael nadal in four sets to win his first wimbledon and he took over the number one ranking. i hope that grass is gluten free because he can't eat gluten. >> you would know, right? takes one to know one. is the government meddling in funeral services for our fallen heroes? veterans in texas are outraged after they say the v.a. and the houston national cemetery banned both prayer and the use of words like "god" and "jesus" from veteran memorials. now the vets are taking legal action many joining us from texas, army veteran and junior vice commander of the vfw honor guard is noblton jones and his attorney. thanks, guys, for being with us and happy fourth. thanks for serving. i'll start with you. what are you being told? they came to you and sid you do
6:25 am
the 21 salute and you take the shells and put them in a bag and you normally hand them to the family and you say to the family, may god grant you and your family grace, mercy and peace and now you're being told you can't say that. >> that's right. >> what did they say to you? >> well, they told me i could not say god and i could not say -- we say god granted you and your family grace, mercy and peace. they told me on april 15th -- i mean, march 15th and april 16th. >> why did they tell you that? did you question them when they told you this? >> well, they just told me i could not say that. there was no -- actually no reason was i was just told i could not say it. there was no reason given. >> i'm being told that saying from the v.a. they'll do this if it's requested by the family. however, there is a law on the books that 2007 v.a. policy that banned vfw and the american legion from talking to the
6:26 am
families. so how are you supposed to get permission from the families if you're not allowed to talk to them? >> yeah, what's really bad is these families -- these families have no idea that they have options available to them that they can actually tell the v.a. that they want to have religious elements at the memorial ceremony that they have for their fallen veterans but these veterans groups, the v.a. has banned them from even talking to those families. not only that, banned the private funeral home from even telling the family members that the vfw and the american legion honor guards can have religious elements to their service. so it's absolutely outrageous and that's why we set up this web site, don'ttear us so folks can learn more about the facts and details of this case. >> don't tear us downdot-com if you're a family member and you want to hear about this. if you lose a family member, the last thing on your mind is think about contacting the v.a. to
6:27 am
make sure they use the word god at their funeral. >> this is the kind of government prior restraint, this kind of the government saying we have to prove everything. we want to see if -- we want to approve if you want to have a prayer, we want to read it and edit it. this type of behavior for the v.a. is outrageous. >> how did you feel about it when they approached you and said that? >> well, it made me feel belittled because of the fact that i served our country for the fact so that w might have a free and democratic way to voice our opinion, even if it's god or whatever. and i think that basically, it made me feel small in the service that i rendered to our country was not appreciated. >> well, we do appreciate you here at fox news. thank you so much. i do want to end with we got a statement from the cemetery and they said they couldn't talk about this issue because, i guess, it's in the courts and those kinds of things. thank you both for being with us and thank you for serving our country and happy fourth.
6:28 am
>> thank you. >> thanks for having us. >> sure. coming up next, the family that is honoring our fallen heroes by picking up where the government left off. and grilling causes global warming? science says shut off your grills today on this fourth of july in the name of mother earth. is somebody using the holiday to push a political agenda? we report, you decide. >> hi, i'm robert sober and i'd like to send a shoutout to my wife and son matthew in kilene, texas. happy fourth of july. we know why we're here.
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>> and if you would like to pay tribute to the troops, we encourage you to go on facebook at, support our troops. you can post pictures there of your loved ones serving overseas and you can write message there's on the fourth of july and i think i'm handing it ove to you, correct? >> thank you so much. you are indeed, ainsley. our next guest was raised in a military family and felt compelled to do something for
6:33 am
our troops so he started flags for fallen military. that's the name of the program. and it's a group that pays tribute to our fallen heroes by placing an american flag in honor of their sacrifice. david and lisa larson join us this morning. happy fourth of july. >> thank you. >> this is a great program. it warms my heart when people see a problem out there, they don't wait for anybody else to do it. why did you decide to start this program? >> i decided in 2006 relative to the frustration over how our military families in their final days, final moments with their loved ones, our heroes that paid the ultimate sacrifice were being treated and i personally couldn't take it anymore so i came home and sat downith lisa and we put together this program. >> why did you come up with this program which specifically, i guess, donates flags and flagpoles to the families of fallen heroes, is that correct? why did you decide to do that specifically? >> well, it's a simple gesture.
6:34 am
it's a task to be duplicated time after time. it's merely digging a hole 18 inches in diameter, 30 inches deep, levelling the pole and saying thank you and it's just easy to duplicate, it's easy to do. >> when you hear from the families, what have you heard from them now that they've received this letter in the mail giving them this offer of getting a flag, a flagpole in their yard. what have you been hearing across the country? it's been since 2006. you got to be hearing something. >> the response has been overwhelming from the families. it's so touching to be there and the letters of thank you, of thanks that we receive is just amazing, what this means to a family. >> and you're doing this how? by donations? americans can support you in this way? is that right? >> correct. a tremendous amount of personal friends have donated, you know, several thousands of dollars to accomplish this task. we're reaching out, looking for families, businesses that to us freedom is the core. everything else evolves around
6:35 am
it. if you are free, you have the ability to do whatever you choose to do and we're looking for a compelling family or families, business or businesses that want to get behind us and support us because they know what they've been able to accomplish. >> we hope that many americans are home this morning watching "fox & friends." if there's an opportunity to donate, is there a web site? place we can send them? we can make sure we link them up to as well. is there a specific place they can help out? >> yes. flags for fallen, we'll put that up on "fox & friends." i will and tweet it out a little bit later so anyone who wants to donate, they can. great program. we really appreciate it. >> thank you. thanks to "fox & friends." >> ainsley, what's coming up? >> thank you so much. for the rest of the headlines, we'll start with the fox news alert. man hunt is under way to find the gunman who killed two people including this 2-year-old this weekend in pennsylvania. the boy's mother and two others were critically injured when the suspect opened fire inside the douglas township home. police say that they still do
6:36 am
not have a description of the shooter. and prosecutors debating the next step in the sex assault case against former imf head dominique strauss-khan, attorneys could be forced to drop or change the charges after uncovering numerous errors in his accuser's story. strauss-khan was freed from house arrest earlier this week and back home in france, a new poll finds that nearly 50% of french voters want strauss-khan to get back into politics and possibly enter the 2012 french presidential race. group of veterans trying to help one of their own. he served in the u.s. navy during world war ii and died last year in washington state. he was honored with a flag and a letter from president obama. but the local v.a. cannot find his family to give him those mementos. >> find somebody that will take this letter from president obama, he actually signed and
6:37 am
his flight for him and give honor for his time in service. >> the v.a. is hoping that glenn's family will come forward to claim the flag and that letter of thanks. a special tribute to our service members this fourth of july weekend from under the sea. look at this. oscar nominated songwriter carol connors and others waved a banner under the waters of key la largo, florida. he wrote "gonna fly now" from the rocky movies was directed at the stated u of liberty. we'll send it outside to maria. >> hey, ainsley. happy independence day to you and to erybody else and we want to take a look at what the weather conditions will be like out today. very important for any outdoor plans, for fireworks or any barbecuing which by the way we're getting started earlier this morning. take a look at high temperatures across the country. big story today will be from the heat from the four corners, 105
6:38 am
in phoenix, arizona and as you head eastbound, triple digits in texas and upper 90's across portions of the southeast and you may be thinking it's summer, it's supposed to be hot. it's fourth of july. this is normal. not so much. if you take a look at our next graphic, this will show how normal it is. most of the country is looking at temperatures between 5 and 15 degrees above average. that's the entire ee john shaded in light yellow and our next graphic will show you where we have a chance for some thunderstorms which will be across portions of new england into the southeast. very isolated stu across the northeast so keep this in md, that area shaded in green is whe we have heavier downpours. as we head westbound, we have a chance for some thunderstorms as well in the four corners, northern plains and tranquil conditions across the pacific northwest. we'll take it over to dave with my favorite thing of the day, barbecue. >> you were staring longingly into this grill so come on over. everybody is sure to be firing
6:39 am
up the grill this fourth of july. and we have a truly special treat for you. u.s. wellness meats is here to share your secrets of the perfect barbecue. we're joined by the founder and keitharmstrong, the executive chef. good morning. >> good morning, how are you? >> the grill is looking good this morning. crew and the troops are hungry. tell us why grass fed beef is the best choice for people this fourth of july. >> first of all, i want to say happy birthday america and all of our ancestors and we're back at it again. our animal feed rights so you can too in a brief nutshell. >> what does make grass fed beef so special? >> grass fed beef will be 30% leaner than conventional beef. grass fed beef is very high in omega 3's and lower in omega 6's and overall a much healthier meat. >> affordable choice on this fourth of july. keith, tell us how to make the perfect american burger. this one is different than the ones you've seen cooked out there, i assure you. tell us why. >> well, you'll start off with
6:40 am
a beautiful grass fed product and then we're gonna take and add a different dimension to it and add a little braised pork belly to it with some barbecue sauce and a little onion and the important thing is to allow the burger to rest before you begin to end it and season your grill grates before you cook it. >> why are you seasoning the grate? and with what? >> well, seasoning the grate is very similar to seasoning a cast iron pan like your grandmother would have with corn bread. you season the grate with a little salt, a little corn oil and you're basically trying to prepare the grate for grilling the product. >> and afterwards, seven or eight minutes, you're going to let a burger sit. is that going to cool it off? i mean, the people will say i don't want to eat a cold burger. i want it eat it hot. >> i totally understand. it will cool down slightly but it will still be plenty hot to eat. the sirloins, you want to allow to rest approximately about 10 minutes. >> because you let the juices
6:41 am
kind of settle. >> the juices are going to go back into the meat. >> show us down here, if you can, guys, the pork loin that you'll throw on this burger. basically a pulled pork in a sense and the onions as well you're throwing on there. >> it's a pulled pork belly and the onions have been roasted on the grill with a little thyme and a little garlic and olive oil. >> this is good stuff and we have the finished product right over here, a little slaw on top. we have eight burgers and we'll feed some of the troops and their families this morning. me, guys, i've been eating meat for five days. i've gained five pounds since thursday. i'm like novak jokovich from wimbledon, i need to eat grass. >> i don't think there's salad anywhere in sight. >> cry me a river. i'm sorry. i don't feel sorry for you, dave. >> science says we can help save the earth by shutting off our grills. is somebody using the holiday to push a political agenda? we report, you decide. >> think you're buying american? think again. some products promoted as
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♪ ...healthy skin... and help protect your cells from environmental stress. everyday benefits from advanced formulas. the complete benefits of centrum. and if you're over 50, discer the age-adjusted benefits of centrum silver. what's vanishing deducti all about ? gu, it's demonstration time. let's blow carl's mind. okay, let's say i'm your insurance deductible. every year you don't have an accident, $100 vanishes. the next year, anher $100. where am i going, carl ? thnext year... th was weird. but awesome ! ♪ nationwide is on your side ♪ >> 44 minutes after on the fourth of july. quick headlines, the parents of
6:45 am
amanda knox were supposed to -- on trial for libel today but the case was quickly postponed after an italian judge recused himself because he was involved in the knox murder case. they are suing curt knox and another for defamation. dangerous to cross a race track while cars are zooming at you. shocker. this squirrel had no problem. watch as he manages to get to the other side safely while a lamborghini speeds right over him. it was caught during the experience race in montana, california. close call. >> it's fourth of july, as you know, if that wasn't reason enough to inspire you to buy products in the u.s. of a, buying american made can boost our economy. >> that's what the founderf made in u.s.a. says. he has a new book out called "remade in the u.s.a., how we
6:46 am
can restore jobs, retool manufacturing and compete with the world." nice to see you. >> nice to see you. >> it's difficult, though, right? to find products that are made in the u.s.a. you have to know where to look and oftentimes, we're sort of duped in the products we do find. they may say made in the u.s.a. and might not be. >> that's not as big of a problem as it turns out it should be because actually there's so many retailers that are importing products en masse that the stigma of foreign products has dropped, unfortunately. i really wish we were buying more made in america products. it would be a lot better for our economy. >> and our country, obviously, is in debt big time. if each of us went out and bought a few more items that were made in the u.s.a., how much of an impact would that have? >> we each vote every time we purchase something and we would employ -->> i like that. i like that. that's good. >> we would employ millions of more people because of the economic multiplier effect. the asian economies have not forgotten that manufacturing is important. we have to remember it, too, and we need to push it in the united states again. washington needs to stand up and
6:47 am
make the decisions, business needs to remember they're americans and we consumers are the ones that ultimately have the power. >> it's a little difficult like i said in the intro here. here's an example. take a look at these jeans. are they american jeans? take a look. wrangler, levi and lee. it turns out not the case. >> absolutely. these three companies have sold us out but there are awesome jean makers family owned making it here in the u.s.a. out of american cotton like texas jeans, roundhouse, schaefer, they're doing awesome things right here in the united states and the prices are very similar even cheaper than some of these major brands. >> what are some of the companies that are made here in the u.s.a., some of the big brands that we need to make sure we're buying? >> some of the big automakers still do a lot here, we have to be careful we're not buying an import from them, too. and you can find a lot of the food companies are making a lot here, too, and if you're -- you have to be careful. >> we have samples of this. you'd think these are all made
6:48 am
in america. these are all made in america. >> these are made in america. these are all made in america. some other green toys, right? >> they're doing great things here in the states. you may remember, clayton, a couple of years ago, 83 million toys from china were recalled because of lead paint. >> what are some of the companies that we don't need to buy from -- i shouldn't say that, that aren't american made. >> mattel doesn't make anything here, for example. >> what's other ones? >> sher price, you're absolutely correct. if we go and look at the major retailers, you can see that the vast majority of them are carrying mostly products that are imported. >> it's also interesting, i grab dave because he has a fully american made company on the back of the ipad and they were so proud to tell me, they make this holder. he says we're 100% made in the u.s.a. and he's very proud of that. but it's difficult, he said, we want to get that message out there. are you finding it difficult for american companies to get the
6:49 am
message out that, hey, we're making it all here, we're employing people here in the united states. >> it is difficult, clayton, but we're helping to get the word out. i mean, folks more and more every day are looking at made in the u.s.a. and i want to get your friend's company on there, too, and people from every type of background, it's awesome, are coming to the conclusion that we need to buy more american and we need to do something about our economy ourselves. >> we need to go to your web site and see which companies are here in the u.s.a. to improve your economy. that's made in the u.s., correct? >> yes. >> thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> coming up on the show, can we expect the first fireworks today in the courtroom? casey anthony's murder trial coming to a close as jurors take the case. we'll take you live to orlando at the top of the hour. >> then science says shut off your grill! the gases could beilling mother earth. really? is somebody just using the holiday to push an agenda here? we're going to report, you decide. ♪
6:50 am
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>> well, could grilling be contributing to global warming? seriously? >> weather bell's chief meteorologist says where's the beef? where's the scientific proof, rather? i added that. good morning to you, happy fourth of july. >> happy fourth of july to you guys. >> what do you think about this study saying we could be hurting the climate by grilling? >> that -- i'll tell you what, it sounds to me like it's the last gasp of a desperate movement because i think they know things are turning around, the overall global temperature and they're trying to grasp that any straw they get their hands on. the human contribution every year to c 02 is .09 parts per
6:54 am
million. if you made a million dollars, you'd be taxed $0.09 on it. now if you take the ocean and the atmosphere together, the human contribution is so tiny you can't even measure it. besides, there's a problem with all of this. one, c02 continues to go up if you look at this graphic and the temperatures have levelled off completely. how is it if c02 is continuing to increase and the temperature is not levelling off and starting to turn around is c02 responsible? by the way, greenhouse gases, there's another term for them. it's called plant food. so my motto on this fourth of july is grill a steak, grill a hamburger and help the trees out. that's what i want to say. >> how do you grill guilt free? >> you simply grill and eat whatever is in front of you. >> what's their reason? what -- >> i personally think there's an agenda behind it. first of all, i think the whole global warming agenda is behind it. secondly, you know, there are
6:55 am
people who don't want people eating meat. i don't care what you eat. you could eat bark over there if you -- it doesn't matter to me and i also think it's an attack on american tradition. i mean, what was there some study that just came out if you go to a fourth of july parade you're going to become -- >> a republican. >> that's right. >> maybe that says those are traditional values, you know. all i'm saying is that in the next 20 to 30 years, i've been talking about this constantly, that the big natural drivers, the ocean, the solar cycles, volcanic activity is changing around and we're going to get our answer. what's all the panic about? the fact is if the earth was a little warmer, probably be better off than if it's a little colder because it causes a lot of problems when it gets cold and people have to eat. >> the study suggested that charcoal is the worst. charcoal briquettes are a little bit better and propane is the best for the environment. >> we grill on propane, ok? but really, i believe that this -- >> whatever you're doing, you're doing something right. >> a lot of that beef, i'll
6:56 am
tell you that right now. that's what i eat all the time. that's what i eat all the time. my cholesterol is very, very low,y the way. >> i'm sure. we'll have you arm wrestle with dave while we talk to clayton. >> ok. thank you so much. >> enjoy the weather. nittany lion wrestling club and we have three guys in the world championship. >> thanks for being here. >> good luck in your competition. >> all right. >> coming up on the show, an update to some breaking news, a ship carrying american tourists sinks. now the coast guard dispatched to the scene. we'll bring you the latestn that story and the president confident more americans are on his side saying they want tax increases to solve our debt woes. will playing the class card really work? former white house press secretary dana perino weighs in next hour.
6:57 am
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the motorola expert from sprint. its powerful tools help you work faster and smarter so you can get back to playing "angry birds." it lets you access business forms on the go, fire off e-mails with the qwerty keypad, and work securely around the world so you can get back to playing "angry birds." it's the android-powered phone that mixes business with pleasure. so let's get our work done, america, so we can all get back to playing "angry birds." the motorola expert from sprint. trouble hearing on the phone? visit >> good morning to you. it is monday, july 4th. wear your red, white and blue today. happy fourth. i'm ainsley earhardt in for gretchen this morning. tragedy at sea. a ship carrying american tourists has capsized.
7:00 am
now, a rescue mission is under way. >> is this the -- is this mother guilty of murder? the casey anthony trial coming to a close today. expect more fireworks as the jury takes the case. we'll bring it to you live shortly. >> and they're taking advantage of your tax dollars. media matters getting government help to attack fox news. so why isn't the irs stepping in to stop them? dana perino weighing in next. "fox & friends" hour number two right now. >> ♪ on the plane we're coming to america never looking back again we're coming to america ♪ >> that's one of the great
7:01 am
songs, good morning. good fourth of july morning to yo we are grilling and playing some patriotic tunes. we are thanking our troops and feeding our troops on the plaza. >> here's a tip for you. this is the only guy that i can sing closely to, don't sing it in karaoke, the original version has a two minute intro where he's talking. people will boo you. >> something clayton was pointing out, if you're seeing strange tweets with fox news, the web site was hacked earlier this morning, i think the twitter feed specifically. you may see some things that did not come from this building. they are working on that. >> good to know. thank you. the jury is set to begin deliberating casey anthony's fate today but first, the prosecution will give a rebuttal statement in response to yesterday's closing argument. jessica stone is live outside the orlando courtroom. jessica, what can we expect this morning? >> well, as you say about 8:30 this morning, we'll begin with that prosecution rebuttal and they'll get a chance to directly
7:02 am
rebutt for at least an hour or so the defense's closing arguments. prosecutors and defense attorneys went toe to toe in closing arguments on sunday. >> she died because her mother decided that the life that she wanted was more important. this murder was premeditated. and the defendant is guilty. >> this prosecution would raise the level of desperation to make up for their lack of evidence. >> the state called casey anthony a liar who murdered her daughter caylee. former prosecutor maria hale says prosecutor jeff ashton was methodical and succinct in his closing arguments. >> he came right out of the box and talked about that and said it's not just the lies. it's the reason behind the lies. it's how she perpetuated them and then changed them when it worked to her benefit. >> defense attorney jose baez chipped away at the prosecution's theories. he argues the prosecution's case was so weak, they tried to
7:03 am
portray casey as a lying no good slut with forensic evidence based on a fantasy. florida criminal defense attorney is critical of the state's case. >> he doesn't have direct evidence of premeditation and certainly didn't convince me that casey anthony is guilty of preditated murder. >> and after the state's rebuttal, the jury will get instructions and then begin to deliberate. they only are allowed to deliberate until 6:30 this evening. if they don't have a verdict by then, they'll have to start it all over again tomorrow at 8:30 in the morning. >> we'll be watching. thank you so much. for the rest of the headlines, we start with a fox news alert. u.s. coast gua confirming one person has died after a fishing boat capsized off the coast of mexico's baja, california. 44 people were on board including more than two dozen americans. the coast guard says it is launching a helicopter this morning to find at least 11 people that are still missing. 37 survivors including 27 americans are alive and
7:04 am
accoted for at this point. and a brazen attack on an oil pipeline in egypt's sinai peninsula. armed attackers ordered guards to leave and then blew up parts of the pipeline setting it on fire for hours. the attack disrupted the flow of gas to nearby israel as well as jordan. it is the third attack on the pipeline since the overthrow of egypt's president in february. so far, no one is claiming responsibility. and then deadly thunderstorms ripped right through washington, d.c. killing at least one person. the man was riding a bike when he was struck by a fallen tree. wow, that man has not yet been identified. rain and high winds knocked out power to more than 40,000 houses and businesses in the area, even visitors at the national mall had to be evacuated. a star studded line-up at the dress rehearsal for this year's capitol fourth concert.
7:05 am
>> "glee" actor and singer matthew morrison helped to celebrate the special event along with chelsea hightower but it was josh grobin who had a special message for our brave troops. >> their fight is not over once they've come back from overseas. there's a battle they have to wage for the rest of their lives and i was very inspired by their bravery through that battle. i went back and i wrote a song and it's dedicated to them. >> amazing. the show ending with a spectacular fireworks performance or show across the potomac river as well. and those are your headlines. i could listen to him all day long. he has the best voice. it's strong. >> he does. blows us all away. let's bring in former white house press secretary dana perino and fox news contributor on this fourth of july. great to see you. happy fourth. >> hey, dana. >> we want to get you to weigh in on the big stories of this
7:06 am
weekend. seems like there's a new tactic coming out of the obama white house, we got to see it in full stride on wednesday as president obama seems to be capitalizing on the end of that press conference trying to paint the republicans in a different light. will that aggressiveness help him in 2012? >> well, i think that in some ways, i guess somebody in the white house thinks that it will but across the board, consensus was that press conference was odd in its timing, its approach, its content and certainly its tone. and so, you know, he might be trying to rally up his base, but it doesn't sound like leadership. let me ask you something, clayton. i would imagine that you had in your life a situation where your wife says why are you in such a bad mood? you say i'm not a bad mood. it puts you in a bad mood and it's hard to shake that angry label. his last press conference, he was -- i can't remember the exact word, peeved. once you get that label, it's hard to shake and to me, people
7:07 am
are more likely to follow you in terms of going into the debt limit discussion if you're demonizing their intentions and instead, i think they should not have had the press conference and he could have held that behind closed doors. instead, five days now, we're still talking about how he was kind of rude to the republicans in the press conference. >> and defensive when you get in an argument like that. i am not! i am not in a bad mood! i am not in a bad mood! >> the president is being accused of using class warfare for the debt ceiling negotiations by taxing the rich. is this what the american people want? >> well, it's certainly not a new tactic for president obama. it doesn't sound right coming out of him, though. i don't know whether he really believes what he's saying or not. you know, this past weekend -- last week, they decided to use the corporate jet tax breaks as the one thing they wanted to go after. forgetting that he actually included it in his stimulus bill. >> all right. we want to listen to john mccain on the sunday shows and get your reaction. here's what he said yesterday in regard to not raising taxes. >> the principle of not raising
7:08 am
taxes is something that we campaigned on last november. and results of the election was the american people didn't want their taxes raised and they wanted us to cut spending. >> i want to add to that senator marco rubio on the senate floor this week said he thought the tone and the rhetoric is something he'd hear in a third world country. bottom line is this is about 2012. this is political and will it work going into the election? >> i think actually the white house and the senate on both sides of the aisles, they think this is about 2012 but i think the american people think it's about the here and now and this class warfare language, it might sound good behind closed doors. it might even poll fairly well with your base but when it's said outloud, it sounds awful and the truth is what we should be wanting is more and more people to be able to take advantage of that corporate tax break because we want them to be creating jobs. now, what i think president obama could have done is to say, we need wholesale tax reform, not this little bitty $3 billion
7:09 am
over 10-year savings he was talking about. that won't work. >> yeah and as you pointed out, he voted for it twice within his stimulus package. that was something -- >> so did a lot of republicans! it was a bizarre one to hang your hat on. >> and bill clinton actually in aspen this weekend said he wants lower, he thinks lower corporate tax rates would be a good move. >> i would love nothing more than to see a photograph -- i would love nothing more than to see a photograph of the aspen, colorado, airport right now. and to see how many private jets have taken all the left leaning republicans out to cobblorado c have a conversation. >> media matters, the web site, has received its tax exemption. they get taxpayer exemptions basically to attack fox news. we ran the story and then looked at the numbers that they're actually doing, they have about 12,000 stories that they target against fox news and i think the breakdown comes down to about 58 or so from the other networks.
7:10 am
they're getting tax exempt status. we had a guest on the show yesterday raise -- take a look at these numbers. 25 for abc news. we had a guest on the show yesterday raise the point that the irs needs to be looking at them but remember, the irs is under the obama administration and it's under a liberal president. what are the chances that they're going to take a look at media matters? >> well, it's probably -- they might take a look if somebody calls for an investigation and if i were a member of congress, i might do so. with media matters, however, remember, it's not just basically they go against fox news, it is their stated mission, ok? so that's what i think makes it a little bit different. in addition, i don't think this is too dissimilar to the conversation that america has been having about national public radio. and just whether or not taxpayers should subsidize and i think if they were asked, they would say no. in addition, i want say for media matters if i put myself in their shoes and if i were advising them, i don't see why they want this controversy. theyertaly don't need the money and if i were them, i would just forgot proactively
7:11 am
say we don't need the tax exempt status and just go ahead and go after fox news as much as they want. >> take the gloves off. >> sure. it's not like they don't anyway. why have this controversy? >> because they might not get those donations. people might donate to them -- >> they don't need donation. they have a senior backer in one billionaire that says he wants to try to destroy conservativism around the world. >> he doesn't need it. he doesn't need the writeoff. >> no, george soros is who we're talking about obviously. >> message for the troops this morning, fourth july? >> well, i wanted to give a special shoutout, you know, last week i was in africa and one of the countries i went to was -- it's actually sout sudan but will become a new nation this coming saturday. they will have their independence day and all around the world, not just in iraq and afghanist afghanistan, we have our troops and we have many civilians that protect our embassies and try to
7:12 am
bring freedom and a better way of life around the world and their courage, bravery and professionalism inspires me and i wish them the very best. >> well said. medications and drinking water to those around the world. dana, always great to see you. happy fourth of july. thanks so much for joining us. >> bye-bye, everybody. >> bye. >> we just showed you the closing arguments from the casey anthony trial. which side has the best chance to win? two attorneys are duking it out when we come back. >> and who should be able to honor the victims of september 11th? local union tries putting restrictions on a parade float. we'll explain that. >> i'm brian allen in iraq. i'd like to wish my family a happy fourth of july in texas many i love you and miss you very much. sweetie i think you need a little extra fiber in your diet.
7:13 am
carol. fiber makes me sad. oh common. and how can you talk to me about fiber while you are eating a candy bar? you enjoy that. i am. [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. fiber one. inside all of us is a compass and it always points true north. toward mountai of sand. townew sights and sensations. toward the true bounty of nure so let's set our compass for traverse city and find ourselves. in the magic, and the moments
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of pure michigan. your trip begins at [ male announcer ] built like a volkswagen. the 2011 tigua
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[ grunts ] >> welcome back to "fox & friends." in just a few hours, the jury will get the casey anthony murder case after the defense and prosecution both made their cases to the jury one final time. >> she died because she could not breathe. she died because she had three pieces of duct tape over her nose and mouth and she died because her mother decided that the life that she wanted was more important. this murder was premeditated. and the defendant is guilty.
7:16 am
>> just look at what they have and what they don't have. all the fantasy forensics in the world don't make it so. all of the lies that you've had to swim through don't get you any closer to the truth. >> how did each side do? we turn to criminal defense attorney lawrence walters and former prosecutor and adjunct professor mark adelis. you're a former prosecutor and you're sitting there wating jose baez give his defense closing arguments, are you quivering in your boots? did he do a good job? are you sitting there saying -- shaking your head, we got this one? >> well, i'm thinking that he's doing the best that he can at his level of awareness. that's probably the nicest thing i could say about it and i'm concerned because the state of casey anthony is not decided like "idol" contestants, you don't get to call in and vote. if that's the case, it would be
7:17 am
an easy slam dunk from the prosecutors. they were able to raise reasonable doubts about what these jurors are going to do. >> let me ask you the reverse question, you're sitting there watching the prosecution, are you quivering in your boots saying i don't know how we're going to defend this? >> not at all. reasonable doubt is all over this case. the facts simply do not establish any sort of premeditated murder. jeff ashton did a great job and an emotional closing statement but his conclusions weren't based on factual evidence. there's still no evidence of how caylee died. and how -- who killed her, the time of death, so there's too many unanswered questions for a premeditated murder conviction in my opinion. >> i disagree. >> go ahead. >> i disagree. while i do believe it's possible that these jurors could find her not guilty because we don't know who these people are, there's certainly enough to go forward and say that they've proven this case. you've got the chloroform searches, not done by the mom as
7:18 am
was alleged initially when she took the stand, she was grossly impeached during the rebuttal case. you've got the pieces of duct tape one by one by one and as the prosecutor so eloquently pointed out, why would anyone put three separate duct tape -- pieces of duct tape across a child's mouth unless you don't want that child to breathe. that's premeditation. >> yeah, jose baez dismantled the whole internet search issue by showing that that was just a contrived report. the first report showed one search for chloroform after casey found something about it on my space and then all of a sudden, they come up with a report that shows 85 searches. i don't think the jury is buying any of that. the duct tape was found on caylee's hair. so, you know, where it was placed or how it was placed is anybody's guess. nobody knows who put anything where. that's all reasonable doubt. i don't see how a jury convicts on premeditated murder here. >> mark, you're sitting there and watching the jury, you have to -- i mean, take off this hat
7:19 am
for a second. you have to be concerned a little bit that maybe the defense muddied the water here enough to provide some reasonable doubt. >> absolutely. no, i'm extraordinarily concerned because in my heart, i know what took place. but again, legal proof and factual proof are two different things. without question, there's a problem. the guy who discovered the bones, admitted to some extent that he tampered with the bones, the remains and as such, there's a huge question as to then where was the tape originally? not when the remains were recovered. but if the tape wasn't necessarily in the same position, then there goes your murder weapon. >> lawrence, did they paint -- did the prosecution paint enough of a point here on motive, it's something we haven't heard a lot about, we had to wait until the closing arguments yesterday to finally get this whole narrative about casey anthony into why exactly she would want to kill caylee, to silence her. do you think the jury was buying it? >> you know, motive is a weak
7:20 am
point in the prosecution's theory here because casey wanted to go out and party was the motive. that's a bit of a jump, i think, for the jury to conclude that that would be a sufficient motive for somebody who obviously loved her child. all indications were that caylee had a great life with her mother, that she was loved and all the witnesses testified to that and one day to snap and say i'm going to kill my child? >> we'll have to see if the jury makes that leap or not much of a leap at all for them. continuing coverage today at 8:30, gentlemen. thanks to both of you. i know we'll be watching very osel the casey anthony trial continues this morning at 8:30 eastern time right here on fox newschannel. thanks, gentlemen. and coming up he on the show, he didn't lose the bets. why is this tennis pro eating the grass after his wimbledon victory? and a bigurprise for soldiers wounded at war. how a group of heroes has stepped forward to make sure money isn't a problem and their families are not left behind on the battlefield.
7:21 am
happy fourth of july, everyone. >> i'd like to wish my daughters and my family out in houston, texas, a happy fourth of july. i love you and miss you all. see you when i get back. and i switched to one a day women's active metabolism, a complete women's multivitamin, plus more -- for metabolism support. and that's a change i el good about. [ female announcer ] from one a day. didn't taste so vegetably? well, v8 v-fusion juice gives you a full serving of vegetables, plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. and try our deliciously refreshing v8 v-fusion + tea.
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7:24 am
>> on august 17, 2004, u.s. army major ed polito lost his leg, his left leg when his vehicle hit a roadside bomb in iraq. it was his third tour of duty and after months of a painful rehab, the major wanted to give back to the people who helped him and his family through the incredible tough time. joining us now is the vice president of public relations in military affairs for the honor foundation, retired army major ed polito and his family. we're so glad to have you here.
7:25 am
his beautiful wife karen. his daughter and then his youngest daughter tinsley. what a gorgeous family and thank you for being here. you've been on our show before and we love you here. take us back to that fateful day. it was august 17, 2004. what happened? >> yes, as i always say, i'm just a proud american. i understand the value of serving my country and on the 17th of august of 2004, as i was driving through the city in iraq, i hit an improvised explosive device, roadside bomb that would lead to the amputation of my left leg. as i always say, theen listed and noncommissioned officer and all those that have served in our nation's uniform that no one understands at the training is all about and they were able to render aid and ts great country is about god, country, family and all of those that serve in our armed forces and i'm so grateful that they gave me a second chanc at life. >> god bless you. you have such a positive attitude. you remember getting that phone call? >> yeah. it seemed like time froze.
7:26 am
i ew a phone call was better than a knock at the door. >> right. what went through your mind? >> well, for those -- for the people that know eddie, he's always upbeat. so he's like acting like it's not a big deal. and i had no idea until i saw the pictures. that's when i knew it was something pretty serious. >> so he comes home and he has countless surgeries. one surgery was 17 hours and very dangerous. you get through all of that. you go to rehab and now you want to give back. what are you doing to give back? >> the thing about it is when you sit on the battlefield, you understand that those who serve work very hard. they don't get paid very much and as i came back, i understood real quickly that i needed to give back and through various programs, i found major dan rooney, my hero, my friend, along with the colonel that's working with us on the foundation. what we're doing is we're providing the spouses and children of fallen and wounded scholarships through the folds
7:27 am
of honor foundation and we've awarded over 2,000. we've raised over $10 million and this year, of course, with the title and now the king of beers, budweiser stepping up to the plate. >> our friends at the race, daytona 500 said they're drinking budweisers out of this new can. tell us how that helps. >> incredible. over 100 years of history with our military. the king of beers has stepped up to the plate and said you know what? we want to give back to our families. and we want to give it to the folds of honor foundation. we plan on raising $2 million. kevin harvick had the paint scheme on his car. 7,000 hits on the budweiser site. 1,000 tickets to the reds and indians game for men and women in uniform so what we're doing is trying to give back. the king of beers, budweiser, this bud's for you as i always say, those are our great sponsors but you know what? they understand the value of when we come back from war, that they're going to take care of our families and us as veterans.
7:28 am
>> can you believe you did this? the budweiser cans are changed because of what you're doing and you're turning something that happened to you, tragedy into something so positive. real quickly, i want to ask your daughters, you're so cute. you have a message for your dad on the fourth of july? >> i hope he has a great fourth of july and i really love him. >> sweet. >> do you have a message for your daddy? >> i hope he has a great fourth of july day. >> great fourth of july day. how adorable! y'all are so cute and i know your daddy is proud of you, too. thank you so much for being here and thank you for serving. we are so proud of you. well, $0.05 from every budweiser bought into labor day will go to the folds of honor foundation to send children like steve's adorable little girls to college one day. thanks. and next on the rundown, bringing our soldiers home. is president obama making the right call in afghanistan? we'll ask colonel north. major announcement from kenny
7:29 am
chesney and has nothing to do with his wonderful country music career. if you're taking your kids to a parade today, a harvard study says they might leave as republicans. but that study might have just got fired. yotake any surce, and place it between the earth's justice down upon it. oh. please sign that card for carl.
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7:33 am
stars through the perilous fight o'er the ramparts we watched were so galiently streaming and the rocket's red glare the bombs bursting in air gave proof to the night that our flag was still there o say does that star spangled banner yet wave o'er the land of the free to the free of the free and the home of the brave ♪
7:34 am
>> that was sweet. >> outstanding. >> from the american armed forces network there. 150 different troops from around the world singing the star spangled banner. impressive. >> excellent work. >> all right. well, will president obama's decision to bring troops home from afghanistan earlier than the military recommended risk american lives and ruin our chance of success in afghanistan and the future? fox news contributor and the host of "war stories" lieutenant colonel oliver north joins us this morning and just returned from afghanistan. happy fourth of july to you, sir. >> happy independence day to all of you and all of americans. thankfully they fight better than they sing. >> great to have you on the program this morning. i agree with that. john mccain, lindsay graham both out on the sunday programs
7:35 am
criticizing the president's decision. john mccain went further and said no one in the military supports this decision. is that true? >> well, look it, i asked a lot of troops and, of course, they're not going to say what they think about it on the record. off the record, there's a lot of concern that it's going to be too fast and you're going to pull out too many before the afghan national security forces are ready. the good news is they're a lot better off today than they were when i was out there six months ago -- >> tell bus about your experience, what was that like? >> we spent a lot of time with the national military training operations run by nato. we went through the afghan national army and national police and national air forc training programs and lived with a partnered unit. totally partnered. american's battalion out of camp lejeune, north carolina, j.d. harold is the battalion commander, he's got a battalion of marines that are totally
7:36 am
partnered with their afghan counterparts from the police and the army. they're doing a magnificent job in some of the most difficult and dangerous terrain in all of afghanistan and i can tell you right now, the afghan police and army are so much better today, one in numbers and number two in confidence. certainly they don't lack for courage. we've watched those troops get so much better. i feel more confident today than i did before i got there on this trip. >> that's interesting watching what unfolded in kabul and the president's words on that regard as it related to the afghan security forces and able to step up, much more than we would have seen a few years ago. i'm curious, though, there seems to be some confusion about all of this. you either hear it at home among american politicians, you hear representative michelle bachmann after the usama bin laden raid coming out and saying we should get out now. and then walking that back a little bit. why does there seem to be this confusion about our progress there? >> well, i think there's confusion because in part, we know that the job isn't done yet. the job is not finished. they've trained a military and
7:37 am
security force out there that is incredibly good by the comparisons of that part of the world. they still face adversaries in their country. they face external adversaries to the east with pakistan, to the west with iran and you can't simply just pull the rug out from under them like we did with vietnam in 1975. and i think what americans are looking at is we do not want to squander the blood and treasure that's been put into this. i did an interview with one young marine who has been decorated for his heroism, asked him the question as to what he -- i think you've got that up there. >> we do. take a listen. >> the president has said it's time to start phasing marines out of here. do you have an opinion about that? >> no, sir, i'm united states marine and i go where my commander in chief sends me. >> that's totally off the cuff from a young guy who has been in combat out there since january and that kind of reflects the attitude of all the soldiers, sailors and the marines that i've covered out there now for 10 years of this war.
7:38 am
they're ready to go wherever their commander in chief sends them. they will privately tell you, we don't want to leave until this job is finished. and quite frankly, it's not finished yet. >> that was his message to you. what is your message, lieutenant colonel back to our troops serving our country on this fourth of july? >> on this fourth of july, we're recognizing the extraordinary courage of the founders of this republic who pledged their lives, their sacred honor, their fortunes and their sacred honor to the future of a nation that was free and independent and offered us individual liberties. that's exactly what 150,000 americans are doing right now on the ground in afghanistan and in iraq and out there in the persian gulf. we have to be mighty grateful that 235 years later, we still have the young americans willing to put their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor at risk for the good of this country and for the betterment of people who otherwise would never have the hope of freedom. >> indeed. lieutenant colonel oliver north,
7:39 am
always a pleasure. happy fourth, sir. >> you, too, brother. >> thank you for serving. for the rest of the headlines, start with a fox news alert. man hunt under way to find a gunman who killed five people, killing a 2-year-old who you see here and one other person this weekend in pennsylvania. the boy's mother and two others were critically wounded when the suspect opened fire inside the douglas township home. police say they don't have a description of the shooter. exxon mobile and montana's governor are at odds over the damage done by the oil spill i the yellowstone river. exxon says that the busted pipe spilled out no more than 1,000 barrels of oil and the company also insists the damage is confined to a 10 mile area. but montana's governor warns that the damage could be a lot worse. so far, flooding has hampered the cleanup process. wildlife rescue crews have just joined the effort. >> listen to this, folks, how do you celebrate when you're the new king of the tennis world? how about eating grass?
7:40 am
that's what novak djokovic did at the all england club after beating rafael thnadal, his fir wimbledon title. he took over the number one rankings. he's 48-1 this year with two grand slam titles and unbelievable performance by him all year and in the sports world, you might not think this is a sport but the hot dog eating contest, clayton morris and i are big fans of this is today in coney island, joey chestnut is the competitor who we think will win. there's a women's league and clayton kyboshi, the six time champion is comping at a bar in manhattan. he is not allowed on coney island. >> they have a contract. >> he'd eat them all. without fourth of july meat, there wouldn't be a fourth of ju july. you need to have a good steak on the grill this time of year. that's why it's so important we have keith armstrong here to
7:41 am
show us how to make the great american steak on this fourth of july. i'm looking to make one today as well. what are you going to start with when you want to do a great american steak? i imagine the meat, the cut of meat. >> yeah, i mean, i think the most important thing to start with is a good quality grass fed beef. will give you nice flavor. it will give you nice fat profile in the steak as well. >> start with a good cut of meat and you want to make it simple. that's one of the things that you're trying to impress on us. we don't need to marinate it for hours. you've put over here a clove of garlic and a sprig of thyme on there. >> some crushed sea salt and we basically grill mark the steaks at 4:00 and 8:00 and then we turn it. so most people turn the steak too often when they're cooking it. >> i do that. >> you want to feel like you're doing something, chef. you're out there and want to feel like a man flipping it, you know, hey, honey. i got this. i'll keep flipping this steak all afternoon because i got
7:42 am
this. you don't have to do it that much. >> that's when you should spend time with your wife and let the steak cook. >> you're a relationship expert, too, as well. how long do you want to keep it on there? how hot do you want the grill? >> when you start on sear the steak, you want the grill as hot as possible. you get it hot and you clean the grates with the top down and that's when you start the searing process. >> and keep it on there for, let's say you want it medium. >> 12 ounce steak, these are a little smaller. you're looking at three minutes on each angle and then flipping it once. >> so you're not flipping it over, turning it side to side. >> you'll flip it over in the end so you're going to turn it from 4:00 to 8:00, three minutes each time and then you flip it one more time. >> perfect. that's all i need to know. i'll spend more time with you now because i don't need to flip it as much. we'll be eating some of this fantastic food and more grilling coming up on the show plus this, a family drifting apart suddenly brought back together how the military made them closer than ever before. we'll bring you that story and who should we be able to honor?
7:43 am
who should be able to honor the victims of september 11th? a local union tries to put restrictions on the fourth of july parade float. tell you about that. >> my name is sergeant first class rick goodman and i'm down here in mississippi. we're getting deployed to afghanistan with the 116th and i want to give a shoutout to my beautiful wife mary and my three gorgeous kids, eric, maggie and carter. i love you guys so much. and i can't wait to come back home and see you. thank you for everything you do. we used to bet who could get closest to the edge.
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>> welcome back. quick headlines for you. today, uniform firefighters can march in a july 4th parade with the float that honors rescue workers who died on 9/11. at first, the union tried to block the float from the wisconsin parade but have since reversed that decision. and who has the best body in nashville? kenny chesney, according to men's health magazine, they named him the fittest man in country music. what do you think? look at that video. chess any's trainer says he does a lot of pushups to keep in shape. >> my next guest is from nashville he and might have him beat. i'm want going to decide on the air, though, he was an attorney with the beautiful wife and two young children but at the age of 37, david french turned his family's entire world upside down. he enrolled in the army and was deployed to iraq. of course, it wasn't easy but david and his family got through it. and now they're sharing their
7:47 am
story in the book "home and away, a story of a family in a time of war." we're joined by david and nancy this morning, the co-authors of this book. do you have kenny chesney beat, best body in nashville? we'll ask nancy. at 37 years old, and you say 25 pounds overweight, not in my words, why did you decide to join the military? >> well, i was reading an article about an officer, a guy about my age who was wounded and he called on a satellite phone and his wife and two kids back home to tell them he was hurt and he was ok. i was struck that he doesn't love his wife any less than i do. he doesn't love his kids any less than i do and here he is laying his life on the line so i felt a conviction that i couldn't keep supporting a war i wasn't willing to fight myself. >> that is -- that is incredible and nancy, i would imagine regardless of how much you love this country, you had to be panicked. had to be worried. what was your reaction when he told he was going to do this? >> you can imagine, i was a
7:48 am
little less enthused about the story of the wounded soldier coming home. it didn't really inspire me but i was upset. i knew when we dated, he said he wanted to join the air force and his eyes weren't good enough. he went to harvard law school. that's the kind of thing you say to sound more virtuous than you are. 10 years later, he was ready to enlist. >> and you were shipped off to iraq. tell us what people are going to find through this book, it's the story how you dealt with this and how it helped you grow and maybe even appreciate your wife and family even more. >> that's absolutely right. i was with second squadron third armored regimen where i ran detainee operations and it's the story of the heroes that i served with but the story of what happened back home so people got a full picture of what it's like for us downrange as we call it and also what it's like for the folks back home. >> and one great point that i've seen you make is that your children, you provided a great example for your children and they've learned a lot from this. tell me how it's changed their perspective on our country and the sacrifices people make.
7:49 am
>> a lot of people say what about their kids? don't you have kids? how can you let your husband going to war? the best parenting decision he made is when he enlisted in the army. it made them for responsible, made them more patriotic and understand that freedom isn't free. >> provides one amazing example. how did it change your perspective? did it make you appreciate your wife even more being away and being overseas and appreciate the troops, obviously and their mission. >> you know, there's very few women who when you're a 37-year-old balding lawyer overweight that she doesn't blink, doesn't hesitate and says go for it. but i'll tell you, it changed my perspective on what our guys go through downrange. i had the privilege to serve with heroes, people who were better than me in every way and it was -- it was a gift to be able to help them. >> and the book is "home & away" thanks for being here. great story. we telled you earlier this week, if you're taking the kids to a fourth of july parade, harvard study said they might leave as
7:50 am
republicans. why have a study like that on this patriotic weekend? we're back in just a few minutes. "fox & friends." [ female announcer ] ever wish vegetables didn't taste so vegetably? well, v8 v-fusion juice gives you a full serving of vegetables, plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. and try our deliciously refreshing v8 v-fusion + tea. naturals from delicious, real ingredients with no artificial flavors or preservatives. naturals from purina cat chow. share a better life. she is the greatest thing ever. honey bunny. [ babbles ] [ laughs ] we would do anything for her. my name is kim bryant and my husband and i made a will on lzo it was really easy to do. [ spits ] [ both laugh ] [ shapiro ] we created legal zoom to help you take care of the ones you love.
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7:53 am
>> well, don't take your kids to a fourth of july parade today. they may become republicans. really? that's the warning from this new study at harvard university claiming independence day parades are a right winged -- easier said than done. but isn't today really about america? what's so dangerous about exposing your children to patriotism? >> comedian and radio personality tony katz joins us from los angeles this morning. bright and early on fourth of july. good early, early fourth of july, tony. all right, so what do you think of this whole study if you go to a fourth of july parade, you're more likely to vote republican and more likely to turn out on election day and they just seem to be a breeding ground for republicans. what do you think about the study from harvard? >> first of all, happy
7:54 am
independence day, everybody. secondly, what's wrong with any of those things? i'm amazed thatarvard even allowed the study to be published. you put out a study that on its face is creative solely and exclusively to attack republicans and by extension members of the tea party, conservatives, libertarians, etc., but once you read into the study, you're stunned at what you find. one of the great numbers on there is about voter turnout. if a 15 to 18-year-old attends one, just one rain-free fourth of july independence day celebration, they're more likely to vote and that number drops immediately after they turn 18. what happens when you turn 18? you go to college. just another reason not to send your kids to harvard. not all of them turn out like that other soldier david french from the last segment. some of them turn out to be hardcore leftist nonsense people. >> why would they release this on a day we're supposed to be so patriotic?
7:55 am
>> it's the effort to marginalize all things that are good for america is part of the leftist and the progressive culture. they absolutely, positively cannot handle the idea of american exceptionalism, that one thing is better than another thing, that america is actually a better place than the rest of the nations that we have to deal with. they are destroyed by this idea. so they'll do anything to try to create a situation where the fourth of july, independence day now becomes a political hot potato. there is nothing wrong with saying that our rights come from god, that there are natural laws. there's nothing wrong in believing in liberty. if the fourth of july, independence day, actually socializes people to become republicans, what the hell does mayday do? what does that tell the children? do i want my kids to -- >> if this is the intent, has it backfired? >> oh, my gosh! it's absolutely ridiculous for democrats. it's insulting to democrats claiming they're not patriotic.
7:56 am
it doesn't do anything for the cause of progressive in terms of turning away people who are conservative or lean to the right which is the large swath of america. what it says is that democrats can't handle the fact that people bieve in america and what america stands for, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. they are destroyed by this fact. and what do they have to fall on? we're turning our kids into republicans. if turning our kids into republicans means they vote more and they feel love for their country, more power to the republicans. >> thank you. >> tony katz, a man who loves america even when we get him up at 4:00 p.m. west coast time. happy fourth of july. appreciate it. >> jurors in the casey anthony murder trial aut to get the case. watch the proceedings live from orlando in our next hour. >> then weighing the president's decision, is now really the right time to bring our troops home from afghanistan? general jack keane weighs in when we come back. dad, why are you getting that? is there a prize in there?
7:57 am
oh, there's a prize, all right. [ male announcer ] inside every box of cheerios are those great-tting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholester. is it a superhero? kinda. ♪ not only kills fleas and tick it repels most ticks before they can attach and snk on us. frontline plus kills but doesn't repel. any tick that isn't repelled or killed may attach and make a meal of us. [ male announcer ] ask your veterinarian about k9 advantix ii. ♪ [ male announcer ] what is the future of fuel?
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>> good morning. it's monday, july 4. happy independence day to you and your family. the fireworks could begin any moment now in this courtroom. jurors in the casey anthony trial about to get their hands
8:00 am
on that case. live, uninterrupted coverage straight ahead. >> joe biden does damage control, riling up unions against republicans. >> this is not your father's republican party. this is a different breed of cat. >> can he win back the base in time for reelection? >> he started with a hand full of products. now he's selling thousands. meet the man who figured out a genius way to make money by forgetting foreign products all together andoing all american. "fox & friends" continues right now. >> you're listening to the boston pops this morning.
8:01 am
1812 overture, it's independence day. we're celebrating the birth of our country all morning long, one of the greatest days of the calendar year. >> especially when you mentioned the boston pops. anyone who has ever been to boston, including my producer who is on the line right now, the fourth of july seen in boston is incredibly unique. the boston pops play. it's right there on the charles river, incredible fireworks. one of the classic scenes on this patriotic day. >> we've been asking you to send in your pictures of fireworks. we know they've been happening all weekend long. send us family pictures. i think i'll love to go to the great fireworks display in philadelphia. they're great all over. send them in with your family on the lawn mats, we'd love to see them. >> tonight is the big macy show here in new york. we start with the latest on these debt ceiling talks. again, the deadline we hear is
8:02 am
august 2 to raise the debt ceiling, the president wants a deal by july 22 in order to get something done. yesterday senator john cornyn from texas was on fox news sunday talking about the potential of yes, you heard this in regard to the budget -- the short-term extension of that debt ceiling. here is what he had to say. >> well, the problem with a mini deal is we have a maxey problem. and the big problems aren't going to go away if you cut a mini deal. all it does is delay the moment of truth and so i think better now than then, but if we can't, then we'll take the savings we can get now and we will relitigate this as we get closer to the election. >> 'cause that's exactly what americans want. they want to relitigate this closer to the election. doesn't this sound cute and quaint, a mini deal. but this is the same thing that governor of california is being criticized for. instead of getting massive cuts
8:03 am
in all of the stuff in the budget we really need to not have to relitigate this every few months, they made some concessions and they'll only therm it. >> what's going to change? they'll say we'll cover our cost for a little while 'til after the election. the gop wants cuts and the democrats, they're saying we want to raise taxes, possibly another stimulus. what's going to change? >> it's going to be more politicized and worse and harder to get an agreement. when you're closer to the election and not just the presidential election but the house and senate, it will be more -- >> the people in office now don't want to be the ones to raise the taxes. they're like, let's wait 'til after the 2012 election when it's not in our hands. >> good luck with that. senator mccain making the rounds yesterday morning and he was talking about the deficit. he said americans don't want to compromise on the deficit. he also sort of opened the door a little bit to this idea that some republicans may, in fact, want to have some tax revenue increases, as long as it's tax
8:04 am
neutral. take a listen to senator john mccain. >> the principle of not raising taxes is something that we campaigned on last november and the results of the election was that american people didn't want their taxes raised and they wanted us to cut spending. >> yeah, if you run on that, if you run saying you're not going to raise taxes, do not raise taxes because it's all about the american people and the voters are putting you in office. they voted for you for a reason. that's what john mccain is saying. >> let's turn to joe biden and some rumors floating around that he may be dropped in favor of somebody else. yesterday he was up in chicago trying to woo the national education association ahead of their big vote of who they'll pick in 2012 and getting the group fired up. take a listen. >> there is an organized effort to place the blame for the budget shortfall squarely on educators and other public workers. it is one of the biggest scams
8:05 am
in modern american history. the new republican party has undertaken the most direct assault on labor, not just in my lifetime, but without any high personally, literally since the 1920s. this is not your father's republican party. this is a different breed of cat. >> the lines are drawn. you heard him draw the battle line saying, look, union members, republicans are blaming you for the economy. they're not even touching wall street or talking about them. so you're setting up the furthest of the narrative between the classes, union versus the rich and who is to blame for the economy? >> what's it all about? it's about two things. votes in 2012 and straight up cash. that group tt he was speaking to spent $50 million to help get president obama elected. let's be clear, they're going to need that group on board for fundraising efforts. is this about what's best for
8:06 am
local and state economies? not necessarily. look, we're just trying to budget balances, people like john kasich. the democrats were on board with chris christie when they asked the unions to make tough concession, including the teachers unions and they were on board, at least the senate president was on board. so there are not just republicans asking for tough sacrifice. >> they've been -- this administration has been criticized by teachers because there is a lot of accountability saying basically if you don't get these test scores up, we're going to hold you accountable and you could lose your job if you're a teacher. that's a big responsibility for teachers. they're being parents and being teachers. that's tough. >> it's not a cut and dry vote for those guys. now we have a look at your headlines. >> thank you. we'll start with a fox news alert. the u.s. coast guard says one person has died after a fishing boat capsized off the coast of mexico's baha, california. 44 people were on board, including more than two dozen americans. a helicopter search also getting
8:07 am
underway this morning to find at least six people still missing. it's believed that all the americans have been accounted for at this point. and. in 30 minutes actually -- this is a live look. parents just went in, we're being told. live look, casey anthony trial, parents arriving at the orlando courthouse. in 30 minute, the casey anthony trial will get underway. you can see all the cameras there. look at this. the media. wow. we're going to be watching here. jury deliberations are expected to begin after the prosecution gives the rebuttal statement. prosecutor jeff ashton and defense attorney jose baez gave their closing arguments yesterday. >> the conflict between the life that she wante and the life that was thrust upon her was simply ir reconcilable and something had to give. an accident that snowballed out of control. and it's out of control. it's out of control right now and it has been out of control since the moment this trial
8:08 am
began, since the moment this case began. >> don't turn your dial. keep it on fox news. we'll take you live into that orlando courtroom and get insight from judge alex ferrer. flying their own fireworks and bringing their best pitches out this holiday weekend. mitt romney and john huntsmen will be at the amherst fourth of july parade, while michelle bachman and newt gingrich will participate in clear lake, iowa. "american idol" winner is kicking off the washington dress rehearsal. ♪ o say can you see by the dawn's early light ♪ >> jordan sparks, as you see, josh grogon some of those to perform on the west lawn honoring our country, even
8:09 am
comedian steve martin brought his banjo. >> i thought we were going to play on the fourth of july here at the capitol, i wrote a song, especially for the occasion. it's written from point of view of paul revere's horse. ♪ >> the show ended with a spectacular fireworks display across the potomac river. those are your headline. >> let's go down to clayton with an all american segment. >> hey. some people are laughing at me and i'm not sure why. i don't know what they're laughing at. we celebrate our country's independence day, what better way to show your patriotism than by buying products made entirely in the united states, including this hat at a store in upstate new york called made in america. gives you the opportunity to do just that. joining us is the owner and founder, mark, who is here to show us some great products. one of these hats, you can get it, made it america.
8:10 am
>> that's one of the vendors that became 100% because of us. seven items they had to change and they said we'll do that and make it 100% beer hats. >> 15 months ago, this started for you. you decided to open your store, get going. what prompted you to say, we're going to open this store and do it right and make it all made in america. so much was overseas and the down turn to lay off, i said, it's a shame we can't have jobs in this country. i said i got to do something about it. i had this crazy idea. i said i'm opening this made in america store. it's been a great move. >> since you've been on the show, those 15 months ago when we first started highlighting some of what you were doing, how have things changed for your store? >> unbelievable. it's been a phenomenon. we went to thousands of products. the community, my family stuck with me. we have great people.
8:11 am
and they keep joining us. >> that's wonderful. they're coming to get the products. you got a whole table of stuff here, all made in america. walk through some of this. cd's here. >> rickey lee has a big show. 100% made in america. five dollars rick gives to the military assistance program. hats off to our veterans. we have towels we send to troops. you can do clean-up in afghanistan. they love it. bubble sauce. best barbecue out of buffalo. we've got our coffee from hawaii. paper products. >> i'm glad to know this toilet taxpayer is not from china. >> 100%. we got the flags 100%. it's a shame that a lot of our flags aren't 100%. >> it's rerkable that a lot of the american flags you see on the campaign trail and erything else, talking about american values, a lot of them made in china. >> that's just a shame. four our veterans, we got to
8:12 am
bring back our soldiers, american worker. valley forge, we have a garden hose, we try to lead with quality. not just the price. that's a bigifference, trying to change everybody for quality. we got a map of the united states, a t of educational toys, sandals that sell very well. then our shirts, of course. >> i'm wearing this when i mow the lawn this week. mark, check out the made in america store. find out more information on-line. always great to see you. we'll send it back inside. i got to replace this hat. there you go. now you got a hat made in america. >> wait, wait, i wanted that hat. >> i'll give you this one. >> thanks, clayton. >> stay with us, we're going to live to orlando later this hour. the jury in the casey anthony trial about to get the case. should be an explosive morning. you don't want to miss a minute. >> then the president's plan to leave afghanistan getting glowing support from his own people.
8:13 am
but what is their record? the decision to bring our troops home with help from general jack keane. >> i'm with the 116th. i'd like to wish everyone a happy fourth of july. especially my family and my brothers and everyone else. hopefully i didn't forget anybody. have a happy fourth of july. yotake any surce, and place it between the earth's justice down upon it. oh. please sign that card for carl. ♪call 1-800-steemer. control your budget? yes. our "name your price" tool shows you a range of options.
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8:16 am
>> general petraeus has said this, are going to want more troops for longer. but we really do believe from the perspective of our national priorities, our global resource allocations, that this is a very sound way to approach this, again from a position of strength. >> that's national security advisor tom donnel, championing president obama's troop draw down for afghanistan. should america really listen to his advice? he did spend a decade on the legal team for -- wait for it -- fannie mae and freddie mac, the taxpayer funded mortgage giant. >> joining us is fox news military analyst, general jack keane. happy fourth of july to you. >> happy 4th to you, too. >> let's listen to senator lindsey graham asking general allen if president obama's troops cuts went beyond what we thought they would be. take a listen. >> the option that the country has chosen through president obama is to withdraw 10,000 this
8:17 am
year, all search forces gone by september. is it fair to say general allen, that was not one of the options presented to the president by general petraeus? >> it is a more aggressive option than that which was presented. >> my question is, was that a option? >> it was not. >> he went on to say yesterday that it basically stops our momentum. does it stop our momentum in afghanistan for this withdrawal? >> i think it's clearly going to undermine it, quite frankly. what the commanders wanted is to stay at approximately the same force levels for this fighting season, which is 2011, through the fall of this year, and also about the same levels for next year. and therefore, they were recommending a modest reduction. what is so ironic here is the commanders would have recommended a very significant reduction at the end of 2012
8:18 am
after that fighting season is over. so this is more about timing than anything else. for the life of me, i don't understand how this could possibly help our national priorities of global resourcing someplace else to put at risk to lose a war. that's clearly what has happened here. >> general, two things, one, how do you feel about tom donnelan being the one speaking out in favor of this? and two, you mentioned timing, september 2012, right around the corner. is this a political decision or one that's best for our national security? >> well, i don't see the issue of national security here as being what the major consideration was. clearly we have already stated the consequences of failure in afghanistan are unacceptable. this is clearly in our vital national interest in protecting the american people from the very place we were attacked and lost 3,000 people. so therefore, winning is what we're about here. but this reduction puts clearly that at risk.
8:19 am
look, the president has a right to choose what advisors he wants. i'm not going to get into who he chooses to advise him. >> but it's interesting, one of the things i fear and one of the things you touched on is this idea of troop withdrawal, then you're left with soldiers fighting on the same soil where they had a number of problems a number of years ago, rising taliban. are we putting those remaining troops at risk? are we going to see higher casualty counts as a result? >> it's likely. the commanders still have the mission to win and they will go about that task as we speak. they're looking at all the options and there are creatives ways they can do that. but with those kind of numbers leaving, they are frankly going to ask our troops to do more with less. that will drive up casualties as a result of this. i just wonder if that was ever given a consideration when these options were being looked at and the commanders' recommendations were being ignored. >> may not send the right
8:20 am
message to our troops, but you would like to send a special message to our troops on this fourth of july. what is that? >> thanks for that opportunity. we're the oldest democracy in the world and the rest of the world looks to us as a model for freedom and democracy. this has come at some sacrifice to us and the american people to preserve our liberties and our values. our troops out there today are doing that very thing. they don't want to die. that's to be sure. but what separates them from many americans is that they are willing to. and they are willing to put at risk everything that they care about in life and my judgment, that is true honor and we should never, ever take that kind of devotion for granted. today is another day when we can tip our hat to these americans and what they do for us and the support they receive from their families and sacrifice, they, like others, have made for this great nation of ours.
8:21 am
>> well said, always great to see you here. fox news military analyst on this fourth of july. happy 4th to you as well. >> happy 4th to you. >> up next, we take you live to the casey stegall -- are those great-tting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholester. is it a superhero? kinda. ♪
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we are just minutes away from the final closing arguments before the jury begins deliberations in the casey anthony murder trial. >> joining us from orlando in front of the courthouse is host judge alex of the "judge alex" show. as we're looking live inside the courthouse, judge, what do you make of what we can expect today from the prosecution on this rebuttal? >> they're going to hit on all the points that the defense
8:25 am
raised. the prosecution had a masterful closing argument yesterday and then jose baez' defense attorney got up and did a lot better than i thought. he hit on a lot of points, but enough may be enough to raise a little reasonable doubt with one juror and that's all the defense needs is one juror to have reasonable doubt. the prosecution will get up, they've had the night to prepare and they'll go right after all of those points. >> is there enough evidence do you think, to convict here? >> absolutely. i think they've got enough evidence to convict first-degree murder. it's really a question of whether or not the jury believes that the duct tape that was placed over and certainly appears to have been placed over killly's mouth and -- caylee's mouth and nose was placed there before death to suffocate her. i think that is a logical up presence and if they -- inference and if they agree, it
8:26 am
can be first-degree murder. they may go with a lesser or lower charges, perhaps 2 murder or aggravated manslaughter. either could subject her to life in prison or up to 30 years. >> i'm watching this as a parent and all the emotion i'm focused on says you have to convict on first degree. but my attorney wife said there is no physical evidence, no dna, no fingerprints. they don't have anything to link this woman. so i guess i'd be stunned if they convict on the first degree. but if it's second degree, how long could we be talking that she's put away for? >> if it's second degree, she could face up to life. let me say, i disagree with your attorney. you basically, if you take the prosecution's case, you got a three-year-old child found in the woods triple bagged with duct tape that apparently was over her nose and mouth. the only purpose of putting three overlapping piece social security to suffocate her. her mother never calls the
8:27 am
police to report her missing and parties. when she's confronted, she lies to everybody about her whereabouts. and there is a smell, unmistakable smell of a decomposing smell of a human body in the back of her car. there isn't always physical evidence when a body is dumped at sea. >> i think you're saying something really important, which is we live in a csi time of life now which is all of this physical and forensic evidence. is there enoug though, in the jury's mind to say, we don't have all the dna or all of these other things, but we have enough circumstantial evidence, she's going away for the rest of her life? >> i think they absolutely do and i think that's where the prosecution's rebuttal is critical because they have to point that out. it's one of the problems with shows like csi. i used to have to instruct jurors that c was television and not necessarily reality.
8:28 am
i think they've put on enough. it's just a question of whether the jury going to accept all the evidence and two, whether they want to consider the death penalty for this defendant. i don't think even if they come back with first, that she will get the death penalty. but it's certainly a question that they'll have to struggle with. >> i want to ask a question about this trial, looking at numbers on-line. it turns out this is the most heavily trafficked trial in internet history. this is being called the social media trial. millions of people on twitter commenting through the week on this, on facebook, on the internet in general. one of the most talked about trials in american history what, is it about this trial that's captivated so many americans? >> well, first of all, there is the growth of the social media. i myself, i have judge alex ferrer and i have tweets all the time about my opinions on this case. on top of that, you've got the
8:29 am
shock factor. it's like an o. j. simpson trial. nobody wanted to believe that o. j. simpson could just brutally murder his wife and the man she was with. so it just drove people in. here you have a mother who is accused murdering her own daughter. nobody wants to believe that from the beginning. then you add the component that she goes out partying, gets a tattoo during the weeks after her daughter dies. >> that doesn't mean she killed her child, though. >> you have allegations of sex abuse. they're all pieces of the puzzle. >> right. and i agree with you on that. but i think if i were sitting on the jury and i'm going to put someone away for life or maybe death, i would need to see like a fingerprint. i would need to know she put the tape on the child's mouth. 'cause the mother is apparently lying about the chloroform and then the father says he's not having an affair. they did you tell -- >> she actually did her daughter more harm than good. who do you believe? >> the mother did her daughter -- you can eliminate the father. you can eliminate the mother.
8:30 am
>> how can you eliminate them when they're all being caught lying? >> i'm saying if the defense says they can't be believed, the prosecution could say, you know what? ignore them. they were called for the defense when they were caught lying. so ignore them. okay? the prosecution's case does not rely on their evidence. the prosecution's case is strong without mother and father. in fact, the mother taking the stand and lying and saying that she did the chloroform searches and she did searches for all these other things that came up that were incriminating, that actually hurt the defense because once they proved her a lawyer, they're thinking, why would mom lie about that unless she thinks her daughter is lying? plus it brought up a new focus on chloroform that they might have otherwise ignored. >> we just saw the judge walk into the courtroom. let's listen in live now. >> attorneys, both sides ready to proceed? >> yes, sir. >> okay. have you received the copy of the signer instructions?
8:31 am
okay. before i will give them, you have an opportunity to make sure they are in proper form. so we'll have an opportunity to double-check them. mr. baez? >> yes, sir, i just wanted to clarify one issue with the state's rebuttal argument. we are objecting to the court allowing them to now split up the arguments after the court had ruled previously that the only argument that could be split up would be their initial argument and not the rebuttal. and i certainly want to i guess make sure that this is just not a second closing argument as opposed to a rebuttal where since mr. ashton during his initial closing argument actually covered quite a broad range of topics and i wanted to raise and renew our objection to that. the remedy that they seek, they
8:32 am
received when they objected. so that would be just our argument that we would like to lay out. >> okay. if they exceed what rebuttal is, objections just simply objection improper rebuttal, and won't take long for a ruling. it is rebuttal. that's what it's for. and of course, at the very end, there is a little latitude to briefly tie it all up. but it is rebuttal and solely rebuttal. >> okay. >> let's return the jury.
8:33 am
>> good morning, ladies and gentlemen of the jury. did you heed all of my previous
8:34 am
admonitions? state recognizes the presence of the jury? >> yes, sir. >> does defense? >> yes, sir, we do. >> rebuttal. >> good morning and happy fourth of july. mrs. greens with berg and i are beth going to speak to you. we're going to discuss different picsing. i want to begin by discussing the science in the case. defense counsel issued a very appropriate and aggressive attack upon the science, but i want to take a more measured and complex approach. science can't be understood by simplistic concepts or easy phrases. the best way to understand the science in this case is to look
8:35 am
at it and first look at what the scientists agree on and what they don't agree on and basically, the way it works is it's up to you to decide with an expert, as with any other witness, what part of this testimony you believe or don't believe. and in a dispute between experts, it's up to you to decide which one you believe and you may reject both. you may find one more credible than the other because of experience or because of just what they said makes sense. so it's totally up to you to decide what you believe from what the experts have told you. but i think it might be helpful to start out kind of isolating these areas sort of by subject matter. the first one i'd like to start talking about is the experts you heard on the subjects of forensic on throw apology and presence -- anthropology and the
8:36 am
medical examiners and the forensic pothologists, the people that looked at the remains themselves and what they told you. you essentially heard in this case from the chief medical examiner's office here in orange and oseola county, dr. utz, he was the gentleman who first took custody of the remains, who removed the duct tape and talked about that. you have heard from dr. schultz, the forensic anthropologist, who works at the university of central florida and is a contract consultant for the medical examiner's office here. you heard from dr. michael warren who is the director of the human identification laboratory at the university of florida. you also heard from dr. spitz, the defense's expert called on that subject. now, what do all of them agree
8:37 am
on? well, all of them agree that number one, there is nothing in the bones that tells us anything. they all agree. there is no traumatic injury to the bones, there is no breaks, no fractures. there is nothing. just looking at the won'ts -- bones, they all agree that there is nothing to tell us how caylee anthony died. everyone agrees to that. the other thing they all agree about that is significant in this case is that because of the way the human body decomposes, there are two parts of the head that should not be together. that is the mandible and the skull. dr. spitz said, remember he talked about when you picked up the skull, the mandible would stay on the ground. they're not connected.
8:38 am
once they decompose, there is nothing to keep them together. and what they all also agree about in this case is that when caylee anthony's body was found, the skull and the mandible were still in what they referred to as anatomical position. in other words, it was in the same position it would have been had the flesh and tendon been holding it. where they disagree is on why that was the case. dr. utz and the others all told you that the only thing that could have kept that mandible in anatomical position is the tape. remember, dr. warren told you. i would submit to you based on what you heard, he is the most experienced of the four in forensic anthropology, in
8:39 am
skulls. he's told you that the onl other time he has ever seen a skeletonized body with the mandible and the skull in anatomical position is in sarajevo, in a skull of a person that was duct taped. so they have told you that in their opinion, which again, you may accept or you may reject, that that tape had to have been on that skull before she decomposed. dr. spitz presented you with an alternative. ani discussed that alternative with him at length. his alternative was that someone had come along at some later point for some unknown reason and reached down and picked up the skull off the ground, then picked up the mandible, took
8:40 am
them someplace, put them back together, and duct taped them to hold them in place. and then return them to the scene. you heard the cross-examination of dr. spitz about that scenario and it is up to you to judge whether that scenario is reasonable or makes any sense at all. when i pointed out to dr. spitz that his scenario of the skull being returned was inconsistent with the -- first of all, the deterioration of the duct tape, and second of all, most importantly, remember i asked him about, well, the person would not just had to put the skull back, they would have had to drape pieces of hair over the skull. and remember what his response to that was.
8:41 am
his response to that was to accuse the medical examiner personnel of doing it. and then when i showed him the photograph of the skull at the scene undisturbed with the hair in exactly the same place, he accused the sheriff's personnel of doing it. it is up to you to decide which of those two expert opinions you find more credible. i submit to you based on the evidence that you have heard that dr. spitz's version of events is incredible and noncredible. i'll get to -- later in my remarks, that it actually is also inconsistent with the very theory that the defense has been
8:42 am
presenting to you in the other parts of their argument. we'll get to that a little later. the other area that they disagreed on was was the appropriateness of sawing open caylee's skull. dr. spitz told you that in direct that it was a violation of protocol for dr. garibalia to have not sawed open caylee's skull and that it was, in his words, sloppy. on cross-examination, however, when challenged, even with his own book to demonstrate where that protocol was set down, he was unable to do so. when asked if there was any protocol he was aware of dealing with skeletal remains that required such an act, he
8:43 am
admitted there wasn't. in response to that, we called dr. michael warren back again, the director of the identification laboratory to tell that you in fact, it is not protocol. in fact, it is contraindicated to open a skull unnecessarily 'cause there may be times when there may be some particular artifact that cannot be otherwise appreciated, but generally no. skulls are not opened. it is not sloppy to fail to do so. in fact, it is dangerous to open the skull. particularly in a child because when you do that, the skull breaks, as dr. spitz did. remember i asked him, you broke the skull, didn't you and he was like, i don't remember that. and i showed him the photograph where the skull was fractured
8:44 am
and he didn't seem to remember. i would submit to you that bed upon what you have heard in this case that dr. spitz's claim that the autopsy was done improperly is not credible. the other issue that they disagree on is this issue of the supposed -- this was sort of my shorthand term -- but brain dust or brain residue. he referd to it as like dust -- in the skull. he says that there was this residue in the skull that he could tell by looking at it was remnants of the decomposition of caylee's brain. and because of the position that he could tell that the skull was on its side. he acknowledged he took a sample of it that he doesn't know if it's been tested or not. so we brought in dr. goldburger from the university of florida
8:45 am
who washed the inside of the skull, tested it, and told you that there is no decomposition product inside that skull. so he did the test that dr. spitz said he didn't do, that he couldn't do because he didn't have a laboratory, and we now know that it's not what dr. spitz thought it was. so dr. spitz's whole theory of that proving the skull was on its side has now been disproven. you'll also recall in cross-examination, i pointed out to dr. spitz that the arrangement of the hair mass was not consistent with his theory of how the skull decomposed, that when we talked about how the skull was on its side, the hair mass was going to fall to the side, it's not going to fall evenly, blah, blah, blah. and you can look at those photographs, you'll have them all back in the jury room, you can look at them and you'll see. i also asked dr. spitz an
8:46 am
interesting question that counsel somewhat criticized me for asking. he acknowledged that in determining the manner of death, it is absolutely essential for a forensic pathologist to know about the events leading up to the death or disappearance of the victim. it's common sense. he said, yes, you have to know that. you have to know as much as you can about that. so i asked dr. spitz, well, what did you know? what information were you given, what research did you do? he said, i went to the house. what do you remember from the house? just that there was a pool. that's all he remembered. what did you know about the events leading up to her disappearance, et cetera? well, there was something about a nanny. that's all he knew. i would submit to you that his fund of information about this case is not sufficient to make his opinion credible in this
8:47 am
case, that, as a matter ofact, the evidence in this case shows that the medical legal investigation of this case was thorough and complete and that the testimony of dr. garivalya and the others is credible and is worthy of your belief. now, let's talk next about the entmyological. counsel referred to it, so let's talk about it. you heard from two entomologists. one was dr. neil haskell. has been a leader in his field for i think he said 30 years. practicing forensic entomology. he told you two opinions essentially. one about the car and one about the scene. you heard from dr. huntington
8:48 am
who has been practicing in his field since he received his ph.d. in 2008. a very bright young man. i don't mean to denigrate his education or his sincerity. but the fact of the matter is you have to decide who you find more believable, someone who has been practicing in the field for 25 or 30 years or someone who has been practicing in the field for three. but again, there are things they agree on. they agree on this very important fact: that the evidence at the scene where caylee's body was found indicates that the body initially decomposed in some other location from which the early collinizeing flies were
8:49 am
restricted. that's what dr. haskell told you, dr. huntington said he agreed. that wherever caylee's body was for the first few days of decomposition, those early flies could not get to her. and then she was taken and dumped there in the woods. they both agree that that occurred sometime in june or july, 2008, based on the evidence in entomology, they agree. what dr. haskell said about the scene, dr. huntington agrees with. where they diverge is in the single issue of whether the trunk would have excluded the early collinizeing flies, that's the only place they disagree. dr. haskell with his 25 years of experience in the field has told
8:50 am
you that in his opinion, the trunk is a source that could have excluded the early collinizeing flies. dr. huntington, who candidly admits that he has never in his career dealt with a dead body in the trunk, in a real work situation. but based upon some experiments, applying conditions completely different than in this case -- remember the pigs in the blanket commen-- that based upon that experiment and that experiment alone, he renders the opinion that the trunk would not have excluded the early collinizeing. again, it is up to you to decide which expert is more credible or which you believe, or to believe neither. it is completely up to you. the important thing is on what
8:51 am
they agree, that that body decomposed someplace else, that it was somehow, either by being wrapped or being stored, was in a situation where the early flies could not get to it, and that from june or july through december it sat there in the woods. all right. let's go to the area next of the chloroform. mr. baez had a nice big poster about that at all the experts or people that talked about chloroform. what is important to understand in evaluating the various people who testified about chloroform is to understand first what they were testing and second, what their perspective was. now, remember mr. baez made a
8:52 am
good deal of comment on the adjectives used by dr. voss and dr. weiss versus the adjectives used by dr. rickenbach. but one thing you have to understand in assessing those adjectives is their perspective. dr. voss and dr. weiss are used to looking at environmental air samples. remember, dr. weiss told you he looked at environmental air samples from all kinds of -- car exhausts, environmental conditions, industrial -- all different areas. and he's told you that based upon that experience, that he felt that the amount of chloroform he was seeing in the sample from the trunk was high, was surprising because of what his experience is.
8:53 am
dr. voss' experience is similar. what he's looking at is samples from dead bodies and he's seen many of them. he told you that based upon what he has seen in decomposing bodies, and he has occasionally seen chloroform in those cases in very small amounts. but compared to that, what he saw was shockingly high. but taking away the adjectives, the important thing is more to say what did they actually find? dr. weiss and dr. voss told you that the chloroform they found in the trunk air sample in the can was somewhere in the low parts per million range. dr. weiss gave you an excellent idea of quantification. he said it wouldn't have meant anything in this case, because even if you quantify the amount of chloroform in the -- being given off by the carpet, it doesn't mean anything in terms of the amount of chloroform that was there a month before because
8:54 am
chloroform is volatile. it evaporates. so it wouldn't mean anything. but he does say and dr. voss says, that based upon the qualitative analysis and the comparison between the amount of chloroform and the limits of his machine and the controls that it was somewhere in the low parts per million range. dr. rickenbach from the f.b.i. tested a similar sample out of a can, but also tested the actual spare tire cover in this box. remember, he received it in this box, not sealed, not a can, not in plastic. an affirm i can't believe cardboard -- permeable cardboard. what's interesting is that he told you that he actually found chloroform, technical chloroform even in that. remember he told you, he was
8:55 am
surprised. he couldn't believe he found it because chloroform is a volatile and this is not sealed. so he said, the fact that he found anything on that was pretty amazing. but remember what he told you was that he found a much greater amount of chloroform in the sealed can. i think i had him -- put some numbers on a board and it was in terms of percentages of the control. the control was 100 parts per million. in this item, i think he put it at .08% of the control. in the can, it was 5% of the control. and again, he has said and we will tell you, that is not a quantification. it is not a precise quantification, it is not intended to be a precise quantification.
8:56 am
but what's interesting about it that the rough estimates puts it in the low parts per million, the same thing that dr. voss found. now, to dr. rickenbach, who is used to looking at chloroform in its liquid form, that wasn't a lot. but he told you, this is the first time i've ever found chloroform in any kind of solid object. every time i looked for chlorofo, has been in the liquid form in adulterated liquid, case is being investigated. but even he said that he found the technical amounts of chloroform coming from the carpet in casey anthony's car. nothing he had ever seen before. that's a significant thing about these witnesses, is they all told you the same thing. this is the first time we've seen this. actual, detectable amounts of chloroform coming from a carpet. and remember what they told you,
8:57 am
dr. rickenbach agreed, the amount of chloroform in these items is far less than the amount of chloroform that would have been in that trunk a month before because chloroform is volatile. it evaporates. it fills the space until fresh air comes in. remember, this car was aired out by the anthony family for hours on the 15th going into the 16th. so the chloroform that would have been there before it was opened up, when it was at the tow yard was far greater than anything these people found. and ladies and gentlemen, i would submit to you that there has been absolutely no evidence to explain where it came from or why. >> objection. >> overruled. >> dr. sigmund, the gentleman from ucf that did his initial
8:58 am
testing of the sample, he told you that he tested the trunk four daysfter that item was removed. it had been gone for four days. and yet, even four days later, he was able to detect, even with his equipment, which he said is not as good as what dr. voss uses, it doesn't capture as much -- even he was able to find detectable amounts of chloroform in the trunk of that car, which shouldn't have been there. there shouldn't have been any chloroform in the trunk of that car. but it was there. dr. sigmund also told you something that was very interesting. he told you that while chloroform can be created by incidental contact between chlorine bleach and organic
8:59 am
materials, but that doesn't happen in a vacuum. that when that does happen, otr compounds are created. those compounds have not been found in this case. all that's been found is chloroform. no chlorine. remember i asked the doctor, there is no bleach stain on that spare tire cover are there? no, there is not. there is no -- the issue was brought out that some cleaning products have small amounts of chloroform in them. and i asked dr. furtherren, you were -- furton, were any of the other constituent products of cleaning products found? no, there weren't. all that was found on the examination of that carpet and that spare tire cover were the components of decomposition and chloroform. and that all the experts agree.

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